335 East 9th Street (between 1st & 2nd Avenue)
New York, N.Y. 10003
Phone: 212-533-0637 
Store Hours;
12 pm to 8 pm
Seven Days a Week

Welcome to Fabulous Fanny’s.

Our NYC boutique is the “not so well kept” secret source for eyewear
lovers and vintage enthusiasts worldwide.

Whether you march to the beat of your own drummer or follow the trends,
we have something for you.  After years of selling frames at the
infamous 26th Street flea market in Chelsea, we came in from the cold
and opened the boutique in NYC’s East Village.

A visit to Fabulous Fanny’s is sure to delight. We have an extensive
collection of vintage and modern frames ranging from antique spectacles
dating as far back as the 1700s to some of the most avant-garde frames
in production today.
In contrast to the typical optical shop we offer a hands-on approach to selecting eyewear.Rather than displaying our frames on walls out of reach or behind glass, the majority of our merchandise is housed in cabinet drawers that are labeled for easy reference. We encourage you to dig through them and try things on with abandon. But never fear our staff of dedicated professionals is always available to help.

Moreover Fabulous Fanny's is not just a shop; it is a mecca for vintage
lovers in general. Our eyewear museum showcases a variety of vintage
mask frames and a selection of unusual and rare antique frames.
Anyone interested in optical trends of the past will be fascinated by
this collection.

In addition to eyewear, the shop also features a selection of men’s and
women’s vintage clothing and costume jewelry. We love accessories and
maintain an exceptional collection of women’s millinery dating back to
the 1930s and beyond. We also have one of the best vintage menswear
collections in the city, which we constantly replenish with a flow of
new merchandise. This selection also features bow ties, pocket squares,
suspenders, hats and cufflinks.

In short we are a library of eyewear, supplier to Broadway shows, movies,
an inspiration for the world’s top designers and birthplace of the
Spectaculars brand.

We've got a little bit for everybody and we encourage you to come by
our 9th Street shop and take a look for yourself.

"If you have to wear them...make it fun"

Fabulous Fannys Antique and Vintage Eyewear
335 East 9thStreet New York, NY 10003 US
Phone: 212-533-0637 Website: store.fabulousfannys.com
 Fabulous Fannys